4 Jun 2021Business News: Barton Gold closes $15m capital raise early2021-06-04 12:00:20
1 Jun 2021Small Caps: Barton Gold’s IPO exceeds maximum $15m subscription within five days, offer to close early2021-06-01 14:45:25
31 May 2021Business News: Barton Gold projects set for big drilling hit after strongly supported IPO2021-05-31 12:08:26
21 May 2021Small Caps interview with Barton Gold MD Alexander Scanlon2021-05-21 10:09:23
21 May 2021Small Caps: Barton Gold brings historic South Australian gold mine to market via $15m IPO2021-05-21 09:55:07
18 May 2021Business News: Barton Gold greenlights move to ASX2021-05-18 13:59:46
17 May 2021Ausbiz interview with Barton Gold CEO Alexander Scanlon2021-05-17 13:37:59
9 Apr 2021Resource Global Network: Scalable and synergistic gold assets in South Australia2021-04-09 17:40:40
11 Feb 2021Business News: Barton locks in heritage approval for Tunkillia gold2021-02-11 18:15:02
18 Jan 2021Business News: Barton lands Tunkillia gold royalty concession2021-01-18 18:42:58
5 Jan 2021Business News: Barton lands top guns in executive expansion2021-01-05 18:55:20
23 Dec 2020Business News: Barton tops up coffers for Tarcoola gold quest2020-12-23 19:05:29
6 Nov 2020Business News: Barton steps up Tarcoola gold exploration2020-11-06 19:34:22
5 Nov 2020Business News: Barton secures broker heavyweights for ASX listing2020-11-05 09:56:27
4 Nov 2020Business News: Barton clears heritage hurdle in gold hunt2020-11-04 09:58:56
22 Oct 2020Business News: Barton’s Tunkillia set to top one million ounces2020-10-22 11:52:15
21 Oct 2020RGN: Barton Gold Nears 1Moz Resource at Tunkillia Project in South Australia2020-10-21 12:24:20
9 Oct 2020Business News: Deliverance serves up deep drilling success for Barton2020-10-09 12:47:03
2 Oct 2020Business News: Barton delivers ‘ounce-to-the-tonne’ results at Tarcoola2020-10-02 12:43:18
30 Sep 2020Business News: Barton unveils new gold zone at Perseverance2020-09-30 11:45:37
17 Sep 2020Business News: Barton continues to strengthen board ahead of IPO2020-09-17 11:46:42
8 Sep 2020Adelaide Independent News: Cash flows to explorers amid gold price surge2020-09-08 11:48:17
3 Sep 2020Business News: Barton adds to corporate leadership group2020-09-03 11:50:18
26 Aug 2020Business News: Barton kicks off Tunkillia gold studies2020-08-26 11:52:19
21 Aug 2020Business News: Gold assays pending as Barton completes 5,000m of drilling in SA2020-08-21 11:53:22
13 Aug 2020Business News: Barton strengthens case for Perseverance pit repetitions at Tarcoola2020-08-13 11:54:23
11 Aug 2020S&P Global: Barton Gold could fast-track IPO amid bidding frenzy in South Australia2020-08-11 11:57:30
3 Aug 2020Business News: Barton identifies potential Tarcoola lookalikes2020-08-03 11:58:43
29 Jul 2020Business News: Barton to drill enticing near mine targets at Tarcoola2020-07-29 11:59:51
23 Jul 2020Business News: Barton to kick off maiden drilling at SA gold play2020-07-23 12:01:14
15 Jul 2020Business News: Barton gears up for Tarcoola gold drilling2020-07-15 12:02:12
15 Jul 2020Resource Global Network: Vol 7, Issue 4 – 2020 Annual Gold Issue2020-07-15 11:03:33
29 Jun 2020Business News: Barton set to test ten drill targets at Tarcoola2020-06-29 12:06:40
22 Jun 2020Business News: Barton set to drill out Tarcoola as native title cleared2020-06-22 12:07:52
16 Jun 2020Business News: Barton banks A$3.75m in private raise for SA gold assets2020-06-16 12:09:12
9 Jun 2020Business News: Primero takes board seat at Barton ahead of planned IPO2020-06-09 12:10:37
2 Jun 2020Business News: Primero goes substantial on Barton Gold’s register2020-06-02 12:12:59
2 Jun 2020The Advertiser: Tarcoola gold project to get fresh approach2020-06-02 11:14:01
25 May 2020Business News: Barton gets set for IPO and corporate plays with legal counsel appointment2020-05-25 12:15:47
19 May 2020Business News: Barton secures production permit for Tarcoola2020-05-19 12:17:18
13 May 2020MiningNews: Pre-IPO Barton planning Tarcoola resurrection2020-05-13 12:18:56
13 May 2020Business News: Primero goes long on Barton Gold2020-05-13 10:23:40
11 May 2020Mining Plus: Mining Plus Power Through 15 Years of Data2020-05-11 12:24:45
3 May 2020Business News: Barton to Breathe New Life into Tarcoola Mine2020-05-03 12:26:44

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